For Small to Medium Sized Businesses

Craig has done extensive work with many small and medium sized businesses in their formation both in setting up all the necessary legal documents for creating a small business entity, whether a corporation, limited liability company (LLC) or partnership. These documents can include buy-sell or buy-out agreements and other such documents to help avoid conflict, or at least give a mechanism to help a client deal with a conflict. Craig can also help with contracts for sale of business or can review existing contracts regarding such sales.

He can guide you with filing the needed forms and this includes state or other governmental document requirements. This firm also can assist with litigation in these business matters, and we provide advice to help avoid some of the pitfalls involved in small business operations.

Business Litigation Disputes

Craig has done litigation that involves disputes with corporations, partners, or LLC members who have conflicts that arise, whether internally or with claims made by outside parties, or other issues that appear with a business relationship has become strained.